A la Carte

Starters und soups

Tomato Mozzarella (16,22,25)

with balsamic dressing and baguette

 € 7,50 

Beef Carpaccio (2,20,22)

marinated in pesto, Rucola, Grana Padano planed and baguette

€ 14,50 

Coconut curry Soup 

with lemongrass and chili threads 

€ 4,50 

Cream of tomato soup (16,22)

in the style of the house with croutons

€ 4,40

Salad shepherd cheese (3,16,22)

Leaf salad with olives, tomatoes, cucumber, shepherd′s cheese, onion rings, baguette

€ 11,50

Salad prawn skewer (16,17)

Variation of leaf salad with two roasted Shrimp skewers and baguette

€ 16,50

Trans World Salad Auefeld (16)

Crunchy lettuces with tender pieces of fruit, fried strips of turkey breast and baguette

€ 11,00

Small colourful salad plate (25)

Various raw vegetable & leaf salads as a starter or with you main dishes

€ 4,50

Please choose your own dressing to your salad:

Yoghurt dressing (22) 
Balsamic vinaigrette with honey(25,27)

or herb vinaigrette (25)

Fish dishes

Matjes fillet North German style (2,3,11,19,22)

On housewife sauce, with onions, tomatoes, pickled cucumber and fried potatoes

€ 9,50

Two fried trout fillets Müllerin style (19,22)

With lemon butter, boiled potatoes and salad dish

€ 16,50

Pike-perch fillet in the style of the house (19,22)

On colourful vegetable strips in cream sauce and fragrant basmati rice

€ 17,00

Pasta & Vegan

Penne with salmon cubes (16,22)

In fruity tomato cream sauce and planed Grana Padano

€ 11,00

Summery, vegan grilled vegetables

With fragrant basmati rice

€ 9,00
Main dishes

"Pfännchen Auefeld Special" (2,7,22)

Beef and pork medallions with herb butter on grilled vegetables and fried potatoes with bacon and onions

€ 17,50

Medallions of pork fillet (2,3,16,18)

Roasted in a bacon coat on Bernaise sauce, with potato croquettes

€ 16,50

Rumpsteak of Angus beef (8,22)

prepared to temperature of your choice

We′ll pass herb butter with all the steaks, French fries or rosemary potatoes


€ 21,50


€ 30,50

In addition to the steak:

Bacon beans € 2,50 (2,7)

Grilled vegetables € 2,50

Braised onions € 2,50

Small colourful salad plate € 4,50 (25)


€ 2,50

€ 2,50

€ 2,50
€ 4,50

Spicy Thai curry 

Tender strips of chicken breast with colourful strips of vegetables in Coconut curry sauce and fragrant basmati rice

 € 15,50 

Schnitzel "Holsteiner style" (2,7,16,18)

2 Schnitzel of pork loin, breaded, with 2 fried eggs and fried potatoes with bacon and onions

€ 13,50
Veal medallions (2,7,16,18,)

On spicy pepper cream sauce, with coloured ribbon noodles

€ 16,50

Trans World Burger 200g (7,16,18,22)

Beef patty with salad, tomatoes, onions, gherkin, mustard, BBQ sauce, served with french fries

€ 12,50

"Club Sandwich"  (8,16,18,25)

Toas with guacamole, salad, tomato, cucumber, onions, roasted chicken breast, bacon and french fries

€ 14,50

Fresh fruit salad (1,22)

with strawberry ice cream and whipped cream

€ 5,60

Iced coffee (9,22,23)

with a scoop of cappuccino ice cream, whipped cream and choccolatte sprinkles

€ 4,50

Soft Angel (22)

Orange juice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

€ 5,10

Brittle cup (16,22,23)

One scoop of cappucino, choccolatte and vanilla ice cream each, with whipped cream,
home made almond brittle and a small wafer

€ 6,90

Mixed ice-cream Pückler style (1,22)

Vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and a small wafer

€ 4,50

Curry sausage (2,7,9)

From the Thuringian bratwurst, with french fries

€ 7,50

Pork escalope "Viennese style" (16,18,22)

1 Schnitzel from the pork loin, breaded, with french fries & lemon wedge 

€ 9,50

Homemade pasta roll (16,18,22)

Vegetarian filled with spinach leaves and Balkan cheese, au gratin in béchamel sauce

€ 9,50

Two baked Camembert (16,18,22)

On butter toast with cranberries and salad bouquet

€ 7,50

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